Breaking the Soda Addiction


I think one of the most difficult parts of losing weight is breaking the addiction to soda. Although I usually choose diet sodas, they say the diet ones are actually worse for you than the regular ones.

One tool I’ve found useful in the quest to break the soda addiction is flavored water. Whether you choose the non-carbonated Aquafina flavored waters, non-carbonated Dasani flavored waters, or Wal-Mart’s carbonated flavored waters (your local grocery store may have their own brand as well), it’s a big help. For one, you’re drinking more water. For another, especially if you choose the carbonated variety, you get the illusion that you’re drinking soda. Very cool.

Of course, I’ve been taking my meds like I’m supposed to. The problem is, I always want to eat when I take it. Drives me nuts. I slipped this weekend and dug into a box of honeybuns. I love honeybuns. But as I can’t normally afford such treats, this will be the last time for a while that I will have something like that. 🙂


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