Walk That Dog! Clean That House!


I took Panda for another walk today. 1 block over, 4 blocks up, 1 block over again, 4 blocks down to home. This time I had the added bonus of there being hills in my way. I was trying for a flat route today because I’m not used to walking, but instead ended up going up a hill. I definitely felt the burn there.

I spent a good portion of today bending over, picking things up, lifting boxes, depositing them in the storage closet, vacuuming, and hauling trash to the dumpster that’s about 50 yards outside my back door. Housework is also good exercise, thank goodness. I’m trying to get this apartment looking like it’s actually a decent place to live. 🙂

Today’s diet has consisted of, so far:

1 bowl Special K Chocolatey Delight w/ Rice Milk
1 chicken breast w/ mashed potatoes & broccoli
several cans of Diet Pepsi Jazz Strawberries & Cream
1 20 oz bottle Diet Pepsi Vanilla

I think I over did it on the mashed potatoes, so I’m pretty sure I’m finished eating for the day. If I’m not, I should be. Sheesh!

Tomorrow I’m going to weigh myself at work to see what the scale says. Even if I’ve eaten already, I’m still going to weigh myself, to get an idea of what I weigh now. I want to know if I’ve stayed at 332, gained, or lost.

I’ll post tomorrow to update on my weight and any activity, plus food journal.


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