I found THIS article while surfing the web. I liked it, I liked it a lot, even though I’m really not a fan of diet tips. LOL Not all of these may work for everyone, but I suppose one could always try them. πŸ™‚

I’m starting the Special K diet in earnest tomorrow. Or Monday…..not sure which yet, as I didn’t eat dinner tonight when I got home from work. I cooked it, but I didn’t eat it. I’m starting to get a bit hungry now, but I’ll probably get one of my Special K meal bars and eat that instead.

[edit] I did eat a meal bar and the Double Chocolate are really good. Here’s a tip though, unless you want to break your teeth, don’t put them in the fridge. I did because my apartment gets really hot and chocolate left out will melt. Boy did I pay for it when I ate the bar! LOL [/edit]

I tried to get a bottle of water at work, and found out that every single vending machine that sold the water was sold out! I was going bananas because I wanted a bottle of water quite badly. I can only drink bottled water, so I usually get a bottle when I’m at work. Not today though. *sigh*

I must remember to order my refills on my meds. I’ve only got a couple days worth of each of my pills (Nexium for heartburn, Metformin for PCOS) left, and I simply must get them refilled!

I need to go for a walk Monday. I walked quite a bit while doing my errands on Friday, but I didn’t walk today (raining out, hello, NOT walking in the rain lol). If the weather’s relatively nice tomorrow, I may leave early and take the long way to work again, but not sure. It just depends on the weather.

Oh yes, my weigh in last Monday was 331, so I’ve lost a pound. Tomorrow, if I can, I’m going to weigh myself again at work so I can see what I’ve gained back from eating that wonderful but fattening Olive Garden food. And yes, Olive Garden DOES have lower fat/calorie entrees, but of course, they all happen to be things I don’t like. LOL

Well, off I go to see if I can get some sleep! πŸ™‚ Ciao!


One Response to “Interesting”

  1. That was a great article, Charity, thanks for sharing it. She really offered some good advice!


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