Not so good…..


I fell off the wagon again. This is the last time I get fruit snacks or nuts for a snack.

I wasn’t in the mood for my snack bars, so I got a couple packets of fruit snacks (220 calories each) and a couple packets of nuts (310-330 calories each) I ate one of the nuts at each break and a fruit snack at the first and second breaks. It was AFTER I’d eaten them, not before I bought them of course, that I discovered their calorie content. *sigh*

However, I am following a tip I got off another great blog here at (check the Blogroll for a link to Lose Weight With Me) and for my supper, 2/3 of my plate is covered by broccoli.

Food Journal for today:

1 pork chop
1 LARGE helping broccoli
1 bowl Special K w/ rice milk
1 Special K meal bar
3 packets nuts
2 packets fruit snacks
1 12 oz can Jazz Diet Pepsi
2 20 oz bottles water
1 8 oz can Diet Pepsi
1 12 oz can Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

There you have it folks. My food journal for Wednesday, March 28. *sigh*


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