Break out the Measuring Cups


Well, I decided to start doing things by measuring them. Such as…..tonight I made Hamburger Helper (not a great diet food, I know) with ground turkey instead of beef. I made sure to get out a measuring cup and measure out just 1 cup, which is what a serving is when it’s prepared. Tomorrow when I go to eat my cereal, I’ll do the same.

I managed to get 40 oz of water in me today. Mostly because the water coolers are spread so far out in our hospital (I work as a housekeeper at a hospital) that it takes almost an entire 15 minute break to find one and fill your bottle! LOL My biggest problem with water is that I always end up feeling thirstier after I drink water. Weird.

I didn’t walk the dog today, mostly because it was raining out and frankly, wet dog smell doesn’t appeal to me. That and the fact that the dog won’t go out in the rain. He’s a priss. LOL

I got plenty of exercise at work though. I was on dismissals tonight (cleaning the rooms after a patient is dismissed) but usually I clean the Same Day Surgery area. I love the SDS area and the nurses there love me. They get crabby when I’m not in there. LOL  Anyway, when you’re on dismissals you run all over the hospital from floors 5-8 in one building and 6-9 in the other cleaning rooms after people go home. We stretch, bend, sweep, mop, move furniture, you name it, we do it. LOL So there you go. Lots of exercise at work. 🙂

Anyways, I really should get going as my dinner is just about to be finished. For those who wonder at such a late supper…..midnight……I work from 3PM – 11:30PM. I don’t get up in the morning until about 1PM, so that’s breakfast. LOL



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