Finding the Off Switch


I’ve often wondered why it is that people always want to blame things for their weight gain, obesity, etc. It’s never themselves. Always something else.

Now granted, if a person suffers from certain medical conditions that cause weight gain and/or inability to lose weight, as I do, then yes, it isn’t entirely  the person’s fault they are obese.

But I don’t just blame the PCOS I have. (I’ll post a link to an explanation of PCOS later.) I also blame *GASP* MYSELF! Why do I blame myself? Because I’m human and I’m stupid.  All humans are.

Before you get up in arms or ticked off, allow me to explain. Human beings inherently do things they shouldn’t. Why? Because they’re human. That is human nature. We love to eat and we do so with gusto. We overeat constantly. Why? Because we can’t seem to find the “off switch” for our mouths. We do this to ourselves.

It’s like the people who have sued the fast food restaurants for “making them fat.” Hello? Did someone put a gun to their heads, shove them into McDonald’s or wherever, order the food for them and shove it down their throats? No. So how can they sue the restaurant for getting fat off the food THEY chose to shove into their mouths? Just because they couldn’t find that “off switch” for their mouths and stop eating.

Now here’s the kicker. I have a friend that we jokingly call “stick girl” because she’s just that. A stick. And she eats pure junk. Chips, ice cream, TV dinners, etc. And she stays a stick. Me, I eat salads, I eat as healthy as I can (sometimes, I just can’t do it) and yet here I am, HUGE. Because I can’t seem to find my mouth’s “off switch.”

Make it a goal to find your mouth’s “off switch.” Try not eating as much. That’s the first step. Have that piece of pie or cake, but see if you can have half of it instead of the usual piece. Have one helping of dinner instead of two. Then you can try to see if removing certain things helps any.

But taking things away all at once causes a lot of problems. Believe me, I know. I’ve done it so many times, and always ended up off my diets. So my goal is now….”find my mouth’s off switch.” Stop eating as much and start getting rid of this excess baggage.


2 Responses to “Finding the Off Switch”

  1. Hi, Charity –You’re right, trying to make too many changes at once at cause difficulties for people. I’ve started posting a series of small, gentle steps that someone just starting out to lose weight can take to help get them started. My thought behind doing this was to help battle the very thing you are talking about.

    I post these tips on Sunday evening, so come check it out tonight if you have a chance.


  2. 2 Raileen Grant

    yes you can blame yourself for gaining your weight back but depression can really destroy your good habits and let you fall off the wagon. As I moved to a new province I got depressed and put on 10 lbs but now I am going to take my 10 lbs off and try to take another 10 off. I can do it.

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