They’re BACK!


Well, 6lbs wandered back onto me, but that’s probably fluid intake as I got a bit dehydrated. The good news is, I kept 2 lbs off, so I’m now actually 327lbs. 🙂 AND I can fit into a pair of pants I haven’t fit into for almost a year. I can’t sit down in them comfortably, but I CAN get them over my butt and buttoned and zipped up. 🙂

Today’s Breakfast (a bit naughty):

1 1/2 fried eggs
4 slices toast (I LOVE toast, but don’t eat it often)
1 orange
1 12 oz can Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

Today’s Lunch:

Large Garden Salad w/ Ranch Dressing
1 5 oz Chicken Breast, grilled
1 orange

Today’s Supper:

1 5 oz Chicken Breast, grilled
Large Helping of Broccoli
1 12 oz can Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi

So there you have it. Now I must go get my salad ready for work. LOL Ciao!


3 Responses to “They’re BACK!”

  1. You are doing great! 🙂 I love broccoli and eats a lot of it too.
    In case you haven’t seen these products – here are two I really like:
    Peperidge farm has a lowfat whole grain bread for only 45 calories a slice — I use it for sandwiches and toast (with just spray of 0 calorie butterflavored spray or no sugar jelly)

    Hidden Valley has a lowfat version of their ranch dressing I really like — only 30 calories a serving (I still only use a small amount though)

    Lady Rose (lost 70ish so far, 80ish more to go)

  2. Alright…2 pounds is awesome! Way to go, Charity.



  3. Thanks. 🙂

    I hear you on the Ranch, I used to use that, but got out of the low fat/fat free habit. Trying to get back into it. LOL

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