A New Take On An Old Favorite


My Aunt Erma used to make the most awesome fluff salad. You can use any fruit flavored Jello you like, and you can use either fresh or canned fruit. 🙂 The original is high fat and high calorie, but I’ve fixed that up a bit here. 🙂

Aunt Erma’s Fluff Salad (Revamped)

1 container fat free cottage cheese
1 small container fat free or sugar free  Cool Whip (your choice)
1 package sugar free Jello
fresh or canned fruit of your choice, usually to match the Jello flavor.

Combine Jello powder, Cool Whip, and cottage cheese in large bowl or casserole dish. Fold in some of the fruit, then put the rest of the fruit on the top. Refrigerate until it’s firmed up a bit. I won’t give a specific time frame because each fridge is different, but it’s usually a bit spongy if you push on it with your finger when it’s ready.

Easy and delicious, and healthier than the original version. 🙂



2 Responses to “A New Take On An Old Favorite”

  1. My grandmother makes a dish that we refer to as “orange Jello” that makes guest appearances at the table for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I believe that the fruit that she uses are Mandarin oranges, and it’s the “tastes good but is bad for you” recipe version. It’s certainly good stuff.

  2. That’s how Aunt Erma made it too. She used Orange Jello and Mandarin Oranges. I just happened to have started experimenting with it when I had a friend who was allergic to citrus fruits. 🙂

    I figured in case there was anyone out there who was refusing to eat this type of thing because of the “bad for you” part of the recipe, I’d give them an option they wouldn’t have to feel bad about eating. 🙂

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