Half a Mile


That’s how long my favorite walking route is. A co-worker of mine, who is retiring and tonight is her last night, decided to start walking for exercise, and she used her car to see how far it was. She can go around it 4 times, to get 2 miles. Right now, I can only manage 1 time around for the half mile. I’m hoping that if I walk it enough over the next 2 weeks, I can start going around twice and get at least 1 full mile in. Of course, part of that depends on the walking partner. After all, the small one on the leash gets tired too. 🙂

I’ve had a bowl of chili, some tortilla chips, an orange, and a big salad for food so far today. I also tried the new Diet Coke Plus at the laundromat this afternoon. They added vitamins and minerals to  Diet Coke. It really didn’t change the taste of the Diet Coke, at least not to me. I’d get it again. After all, it’s at least a tad bit healthier than most sodas. At least Coke made an attempt to make their sodas healthier. LOL

I probably won’t do another weigh in until next week, since I just weighed myself Thursday and I don’t think I’ll have lost anything since then. LOL

And now a question. If you listen to music when you exercise, whether it be walking or whatever, what do you listen to? Myself, it depends, but a lot of the time it’s Pink’s “I’m Not Dead” album or something metal/goth like Type O Negative. Depends on if I’m using my iPod Shuffle or my Discman. 🙂


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