Healthier Grocery List


Well, today was my pay day, errand day, and of course, grocery shopping day. I forgot to get my (limited amount) of diet sodas, so I’ll get those tomorrow. I don’t plan on getting very much soda so as to break the soda addiction. 🙂

However, my shopping list DID include the following healthy/healthier items:

Mixed fruit bag with red apples, green apples, and oranges
Fresh Strawberries
Whole Wheat Tortillas that are 97% Fat-Free
Flour Tortillas that are 97% Fat-Free
1% cottage cheese (the only brand of fat-free cottage cheese was the store’s own brand which I can’t stand)
Ice burg lettuce salad mix
1 carton of rice milk

Of course there were the not-so-healthy things, such as the cheesecake mix I bought (I LOVE cheesecake but don’t have it very often), and the full-fat cheese, although around here, the low-fat and fat-free cheeses are very hard to find.

Tonight’s menu is tacos with the whole wheat tortillas. 🙂 I can’t wait. Especially since I’m kind of hungry now. LOL



3 Responses to “Healthier Grocery List”

  1. 1 tippin

    I hope you didn’t shop on an empty stomach 😉

  2. Very nice shopping list. I didn’t see much protein though – I know it was a challenge for me to get enough when I first started dieting. I drink a LOT of diet soda — I know I need to cut back, but for now it’s my one and only vice (plus one cup of coffee in the morning). I have found I really like red zinger tea with splenda and lemon juice – I just need to remember to make a gallon of it at night so I have it for the next day. Hopefully with the weather getting warmer I’ll be more motivated. Lady Rose (70ish lost, 80ish more to go)

  3. The reason it doesn’t include much protein is because I still had 4lbs hamburger, 2lbs ground turkey, 4 chicken breasts, 6 pork chops, and 2 packages of hot dogs in my freezer. Since I live alone, that takes a while to get rid of. 🙂

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