15 Minutes Equals ??


Well, for me, 15 minutes at 3.0MPH on the treadmill equals 0.75 miles and 76 calories burned. That’s not including any calories I burned walking to the gym at the hospital, going up the stairs from 8th to 9th floor (I took the elevator to 8, I can’t go up that many stairs lol), and walking back home. I didn’t take my pulse rate, but let’s say for a few minutes after I got done, I couldn’t have spoken to you, at least not comfortably. LOL

And just to show I WAS really working, even though the gym had a fan and a window A/C running by my treadmill, I STILL broke into a sweat while walking. And I even did part of my walking without holding onto the treadmill bars. I have a bad habit of hanging on, because I can’t always walk fast enough to keep from going off the back of the treadmill. But today, I managed to do a couple minutes at a time of not hanging on. LOL Silly I know, but hey, for me, it’s an accomplishment. πŸ™‚

So now my cardio workout as prescribed by my eDiets fitness plan for this week has been completed for Sunday. I have another cardio workout on the treadmill on Tuesday and Thursday is a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood.

I also picked up a sheet the wellness center coordinator (finally got the new combination – a coworker gave it to me) had typed up and printed out on resistance band training. I have a resistance band coming from amazon.com, so I figured that would be a good thing to pick up, in case I decide eDiets isn’t for me and switch to my own workouts. πŸ™‚ I got the orange band which is light resistance to start with. Have to start slow. πŸ™‚ They’re really cheap too, so I figured why not get one now, and order another one later on when I’m ready to switch to a higher resistance. πŸ™‚

Ok, enough of my rambling. I’m off to clean up some more of this darned apartment. (Oh yeah, I was using this calorie burning calculator, I burn over 5000 calories each night at work, doing all that mopping, moving furniture, sweeping, etc. SHEESH!)



4 Responses to “15 Minutes Equals ??”

  1. Did you know that it takes approximately 20 minutes of aerobic training to burn fat?

  2. Actually, I didn’t know that. But the reason it was 15 minutes was because that was what was set up for me as a “beginner” for exercise by eDiets. I’m sure they’ll eventually begin to “raise the bar” and increase the time I spend walking or on the treadmill.

  3. I’m sure they’ll have you working up to 20 minutes and beyond, Charity. What’s important at this point is that you’re moving…way to go!



  4. True, they will, I hope I didn’t sound condescending. I just wanted to inform you of that. Most of the time eDiet cannot customize programs for people and they don’t take into consideration the “law of individual differences” Keep up the good work.

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