I just finished weighing myself on the scale in the gym at work. It said 321. Now the funny thing is, a good friend of mine, who is a medical assistant, told me that we are not meant to be weighed after eating or with clothing on. When she was still working, the doctor always had them subtract 5 lbs from whatever the scale said to account for clothing and food eaten during the day. So that would put me at 316. But since my doctor never takes that 5 lbs off, I’m not sure if I should or not. I have been, because I have no way of weighing myself when I don’t have clothes on. LOL I’ve never truly understood how you were supposed to get the best weight for yourself, especially since every scale will give a different reading. *sigh*

I did my cardio today, even though that bone in my foot is killing me. I went up to the gym at work and I did the stationary bike, just like my fitness plan told me I was supposed to. *sigh* Now my foot hurts even more, but I don’t want to stop exercising unless I’m told to.

I found this article, posted by a fellow fatblogger, about 8 Ways to Burn Calories and Fight Fat.  I thought it was interesting because of #8. I’ve never before heard that fidgeting is a good way to burn calories. After all, haven’t we all heard our parents, grandparents, and even our significant others to “stop fidgeting?” LOL, Maybe now we have an excuse to say “no, I won’t stop fidgeting.” Just a thought. 🙂

Off I go to see what my menu for lunch is. It’s not lunch time yet, but I want to see if there’s anything I could or should prepare early and let sit for a bit.



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  1. I fidget constantly! hehehe The folks at work know I’m on a plan to get healthy – so who knows what I am bound to be doing in my cubicle. I even bounce around in the car with the radio blaring to my favorite tunes. While waiting for the microwave I’ll too standing donkey kicks, or push ups against the counter. Even while watching tv or on the computer – I will raise and lower my legs, do neck rolls and shoulder rolls. You’d be surprised how much movement you can get in.

    I used to have terrible foot pain. I would freeze a water bottle – then use it to roll under my foot back and forth – it kept the pain bareable. Do you know what the problem is? Could it be plantar ficitis? That is what I had. It took time and some steroid shots from a foot doctor to get it to be a bit better. But after I lost some more weight and kept up the foot stretching exercises he showed me it finally cleared up all together. If you can try to find ways to exercise so you don’t over do it with the foot until it can be cleared up.

    Perhaps better shoes might help – my foot doctor told me that is absolutely MUST to have good arch support (i.e. good sneakers) but I love going barefoot or sandles mostly. He said no more barefeet. Which I did while I was treating the pain. Now I do keep off the shoes but when doing anything like walking, shopping, etc. I wear good shoes with the arch supports I got.

    I got these inserts – They really helped and can be worn with sandles too — I wear sandles most of the time for work.

    Lady Rose

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