To The Doctor I Go


Tomorrow at 10:45 AM I, for the first time in 10 years, set foot into a podiatrist’s office. I am fairly certain due to previous experience that I have at the very least, managed to place a stress fracture into my right foot. I say due to previous experience as I stress fractured a bone in my right foot 7 years ago. I am in pain.

Urgent care said my arch had fallen and suggested getting good shoes. All well and good, but I only wear New Balance athletic shoes as they are the only brand that do not make me feet hurt AND manufacture shoes in my size (11W in women’s). And at darn near $100 per pair for most styles, I can assure the doctor that they ARE good shoes. LOL Arch supports and orthotic plates in my shoes, I already know from experience, will do nothing to alleviate the pain, and will in fact cause it to get worse. This is where the good old “been there, done that” routine comes in.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that from the summer of 1991 until 1997 when I was placed in a cam-walker for the third time due to a pulled achilles tendon, again for the third time , I spent copious amounts of time in the podiatrist’s office. That particular doctor is no longer practicing. However, he attempted 3, yes 3, different sets of orthotic plates in my shoes before finally stating that surgery was now our only option. So in 1992 my left foot was operated on and in 1994 my right foot was operated on. The bone giving me trouble right now is one that was operated on, and frankly, as it has never given me a lick of trouble since I had that surgery, I absolutely must find out what has happened to the foot.

In any case, I am dreading what this will do not only to my workouts, but to my job. I can’t afford to be off work for very long, as short term disability payments from my job are only 60% of your normal check. That will pay my rent, my cable, and leave me nothing for groceries. *sigh*

I will report back with what the doctor says. I feel more in-depth radiological testing, such as bone scan, CT scan, or MRI are on the horizon. I wonder if MRI is even possible, since the foot in question has staples in the heel bone? LOL


One Response to “To The Doctor I Go”

  1. Hey, Charity — how did you make out at the doctors?


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