I’m Being Cantalouped!


I am being cantalouped to death. Yes, you read that correctly. This week, my diet is cantaloupe happy. I love cantaloupe, don’t get me wrong, but good grief! Enough already! However, I don’t mind the Lean Cuisine Cheese Ravioli at all! LOL

I haven’t been exercising. Too busy trying not to feel the stinging/burning in that bone that the doctor insists is just fine. And no, I haven’t been able to get those orthotics yet. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees, and bills have to be paid. Also, I do have to eat. LOL

My biggest issue with this diet is: cost. I spent $100 for ONE WEEK’s worth of groceries for just ME on this diet. It’s frustrating because one week I’ll pay only $60 for everything, and the next, I’m spending $100 to get all the stuff I need. Now really, what single person should be spending an average of $320 a month on groceries?? Of course, due to my absolute distaste for regular cow’s milk, I do spend extra to purchase rice milk instead. Rice Dream is my friend. 🙂

I’m unsure if I’ve lost or gained this week. The scale said 326 again, and I was 320 last week. I do have to admit though that the pizza bug bit me last week and so it’s highly possible I packed on another 5 lbs. *sigh* It could also be that darned PCOS. The doctor warned me that although I would lose weight with dieting, I would occasionally, due to the lovely PCOS condition, gain weight and then lose it again. Weight fluctuations are apparently common with PCOS. How rude and annoying. 🙂

Anyways, I need to get going. I have to get dressed and ready to go to work. Not that I’m particularly in the mood to clean up at the hospital. I’d much rather curl up with a good book and read, then possibly put in one of my workout DVDs. LOL



2 Responses to “I’m Being Cantalouped!”

  1. I hate those times the scale goes up and down — it is frustrating. Hang in there! Do you have a farmer’s market near you? Maybe you could get fresh veggies and fruit cheaper at a farmer’s market rather then paying store prices. Some times buying for one can be expensive if you are buying small prepackaged amounts. One idea might be to make up a big pot of lowfat healthy soup and then freeze it in indivdual containers – that way you have a convenient healthy “frozen” meal that doesn’t cost as much as lean cuisine, etc. The inital cost of the soup could be done in a week when your grocery bill is a bit less — so as to not add to much during a high week – but once it’s made it should help you save in the weeks ahead. I love my crock pot for making big make ahead meals like soup, I use the cookbook Fit It and Forget LIGHTLY – lots of nice healthy recipes. Lady Rose

  2. 2 JR

    LOL Cantaloped??? That’s funny! Then I’ve been “rice krispied” — I think you were a bit healthier, though. Keep up the success!

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