Bone Scans & Crutches


Ever try to exercise when you’re on crutches? It’s not easy at all. I’ve been off my diet and exercise program due to extreme pain in my left foot. I had a bone scan last Tuesday, but won’t have results until tomorrow. It’s frustrating, they put me on crutches, pulled me off work, and I haven’t got a clue what’s wrong with my foot. They believe there is a stress fracture. I just hope they find something and do something, because I’m tired of being in pain and being unable to exercise.

On another note, I’ve changed my diet on ediets to the Atkins diet. Now I am only going to try this for a little while. I know people have said they’ve gotten really sick off this diet, but I also know people who’ve  lost a lot of weight on this diet as well. I’m going to give it a whirl and if it doesn’t suit me or doesn’t work, I’ll switch to something else. But I need to at least get back to eating healthy again, if nothing else. And as long as they don’t cast me, I may still be able to do my pilates DVD. We’ll see.


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