Bone Scan Results


Well, today I got the results of my bone scan. No stress fracture! Yay! Just something, that to me, is worse. They found signs of a degenerative form of arthritis in my left heel and the middle portion of my left foot. They believe this is due to the surgeries done on that foot. There may be things I can do to stave off the effects of the arthritis, but I won’t be able to reverse it, nor will I be able to completely avoid it getting worse. Go figure.

They also now believe this to be a sprained ankle combined with strained and pulled muscles in my foot. They think I sprained my ankled and didn’t realize it (it’s happened before) and then working so much (I was doing massive amounts of overtime) caused my foot to be strained. I’m wrapped up in an ace bandage and I’m wearing one of those shoes they give you after you have foot surgery. I feel silly, but at least I’m not on the darned crutches anymore! 🙂

Well, that’s it for this report. Talk to you all later.


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