I joined SparkPeople about a month ago, but never actually did anything with it. I’m wondering, for the sake of curiosity, if any of you use  SparkPeople and if you do, what do you think of it? So far, it seems to be all right. It’s free at least. 🙂

I am still going to try the Atkins diet via eDiets, but I’m going to use  SparkPeople for it’s sense of community. For some reason, the boards at eDiets don’t appeal to me at all.

On another note, I start back to work tomorrow. This should definitely be interesting, wandering around work with my foot all bandaged up that way. Oh well. Talk to you later.


One Response to “SparkPeople”

  1. 1 Debbbie

    I use sparkpeople, I have MS and losing weight is difficult. But I am looking more for a lifestyle change and that is one really big draw to spark for me. I am learning great food substitutes. Even better I have made my kitchen not a eating/grazing timebomb. Spark has great SHORT articles to help you make the right changes. The teams on the site are Great for encouragement, some have little challenges among themselves. I have learned some great new strengthing exercise which are something I really need.
    My sparkpage / name is MSDEBBIE2
    stop by, see my page, the teams I’m on, my Progress,my pictures, my friends.

    thanks for letting me share ~ debbie

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