Atkins Rearranged


One of the nice things about eDiets is that if I feel like it, I can rearrange the seven days of the week. I print out my menu plan, so if there’s something I don’t have, I can switch it to a different day so I can have a chance to go get it. Since the grocery store is a bit out of walking distance, especially with my foot the way it is, this rearrangement has proven necessary. LOL

I am also starting tomorrow as opposed to today because there was a carb monster hiding in my fridge that I thought I’d finished already. So I finished him off (with my pooch’s help) and now I’m pretty well set. I can start my Atkins tomorrow with no problems. šŸ™‚

Although I have to say, I’m amused with my first day’s breakfast. How often do you see deviled eggs, corned beef, avocado, and dill pickle spears for breakfast?? However, I am dying to try the roast beef rolls, which is another day’s breakfast, and also happens to be the item I am missing…..the roast beef and the gouda cheese. The fresh mint for the Greek salad I decided I really didn’t need as I’m not a mint person at all. Bleh. LOL

Ok, I need to get myself ready for work. Talk to you later.


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