Atkins Day #1


Ok, so I started my Atkins diet today. I had to move a couple of the days around (they’re all printed on seperate sheets of paper) to accommodate for items I haven’t yet been able to purchase. Let me say now, my avocado was nasty and I am not eating plain avocado again. If it isn’t mixed with something, forget it. In any case, I picked up a package of Wal-Mart’s brand of Crystal Light to Go packets in Diet Peach Iced Tea. There aren’t any carbs in it, so it’s good and I can avoid the nasty taste of my city’s tap water until a new filter can be purchased for my faucet filter.

Today’s Food Journal:

4 oz corned beef
2 dill pickle spears
2 eggs, deviled

Grilled chicken breast
Greek Salad

Grilled chicken breast (was supposed to be baked turkey, but I don’t like turkey)
2 oz Swiss cheese
Asparagus/Tomato salad

2 beef sticks from vending machine at work

I eliminated the avocado from my breakfast and then substituted a grilled chicken breast for the turkey at supper time. It was all very good, and all in all, I think I did rather well.

I also weighed myself for kicks today and discovered that I weight 320 now, not 321. Yay me! 🙂 Anyways, off I go, I’ll post more tomorrow, if I get the chance.


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