It’s Sure Isn’t Easy


Losing weight that is. I’ve come to see just how much people focus on food. Think about this, 99% of the candles I find, are food scented. Strawberry, vanilla, cinnamon bun, peach pie, strawberry shortcake, toasted marshmallow, banana nut bread, berry patch, cinnamon, and buttercream. Yes, those are the candles I own. I’ve also seen christmas cookie, vanilla sugar, sugar cookie, peppermint, and other food related scents. It seems the candle companies like to inundate us with reasons to crave food. Fortunately, though  a pair of strawberry scented votives has been merrily burning for the past couple of hours, I am not craving strawberries. Or anything else not on my diet for that matter.

I’ve found a new solution to the problem of breaking, again, the soda addiction. Although the Wiccan in me screams at the thought of pulling the earth apart more to produce these plastic bottles, I am finding that Nestle’s Pure Life water with the fruit flavored splashes works very well for me. The Raspberry Splash is the one sitting on my desk at the moment, but I also have a citrus splash, tropical splash, and kiwi strawberry splash waiting in the wings. I got a pack of 32 bottles at Sam’s Club, 8 each of 4 flavors, for about $9.28 after tax. I’m refilling the bottles as well with water from my tap. But I have to say, they do taste very good and they are calorie and carb free, which is always a good thing.

I’ll be back later to post my food journal for today. Talk to you later.


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