Atkins Week 2, Day 2


Here we go again. Another day of food journaling and missing out on the foods that Atkins says I can have, but my doctor says I can’t. I can’t wait until he lets me have my food back. LOL

Atkins Advantage Morning Breakfast Bar – Cinnamon Bun Flavor
Atkins Advantage Shake – Chocolate Delight Flavor

grilled chicken breast
spinach salad

3 hardboiled eggs

savory turkey patty
mixed salad greens w/ 4 grape tomatoes and olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing

I modified my breakfast because I just wasn’t hungry and you know what? I ate that bar and drank that shake at about 11:30 this morning, and it was almost 6PM before I got hungry again. I was supposed to have turkey sausage and tomato slices with breakfast, but I didn’t eat them. I also cut afternoon meal’s tofu out and replaced it with chicken. My snack was 3 eggs, not 4. I modify to my hunger levels. If I’m not that hungry, I cut things out.

I did the one mile walk DVD again today. This time I’d cleared space so I could move around a bit while doing it. I liked it better when I could move back and forth a bit. Seemed to make it easier on me.  Of course, the space was actually cleared for animal control to come remove an unwanted guest – a bat. A bat got in my apartment last night and I was not impressed. I called animal control, but there was some stuff in the way of where the bat was hiding, so I moved it. It made a nice place to do my exercise as well.

Well, I’m off for now. I’ll be back tomorrow to report more on my food intake and exercise.


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