Walking Club


Supposedly at work, they started a walking club. I haven’t seen any evidence that it ever actually started however. It would have been nice to have had some company making the circuits around the building. Apparently so many times around the upper floor is a mile. Who knew? 🙂 We have 3 buildings and if you walk all the way around the atriums and through the halls to all 3 a certain number of times, you have walked a mile. It’s pretty cool when you have an hour long lunch. You can take your walk and then park it in the lunch room for lunch, or you can eat then walk, whatever. 🙂 But it’s not so much fun when you’re the only one doing it, because you end up looking pretty silly making the circuit around and around. LOL

They offer a Curves discount for those of us who are women (like myself) but my schedule doesn’t allow for it when I’m working, and since it’s only for the Curves next door to my work, I can’t go on off days as I don’t have a way to get there. The bus doesn’t run out there and a cab is over $20 one way. Um, no. LOL I guess I’ll have to content myself with starting to walk around my neighborhood, although with all the construction on new buildings and the streets around there, it’s hard to walk there too. *sigh*


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