How NOT to Eat


Ok, I’m sure you’re about to say “what the hell is she talking about?” LOL Well, I’ll tell you. The past couple of weeks, I’ve been eating in a way I shouldn’t be. I don’t eat breakfast, I wolf down a pasta salad made from a kit for lunch, and then whatever I happen to order wherever it is we go to eat after I get off work. Not cool and I admit it.

Lately my thing for work lunches has been Suddenly Salad kits from Betty Crocker. Of course, these are loaded with fat and calories. They’re quick and easy to make, I boil the pasta, mix the dressing, mix the pasta into the dressing, and then divide the salad into containers I can grab out of the fridge and take to work with me. They’re great for convenience, horrible for the waistline! I need to get out of that habit and quickly! What I need to do is get some bagged salad mix and low-fat/calorie dressing and make better salads for my lunches. I also need to pack some healthy snacks for work.

Lastly, if we’re going to go out for dinner after work, I need to start choosing options that I can easily make healthier. *sigh*


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