Review: Pringles Smart Flavors Chips – Tomato Mozzarella Flavor


So last night I tried the 2nd of the 3 flavors of Smart Flavors that my friends bought. Remember, I didn’t care for the Cheddar Cheese version, so when they broke out the Tomato Mozzarella chips, I decided to try a few.

I have to admit, these were much better than the Cheddar Cheese chips. These had a good dusting of the flavoring on them and I didn’t have to hunt to find it on the chips. They tasted more of tomato than mozzarella however, which to me, detracted from their being good. Personally I dislike tomatoes intensely so there was too much tomato flavor for my tastes. I didn’t mind the tomato flavor – it had a good tomato flavor, I just wish there’d been a stronger mozzarella flavor in there as well.

There is one flavor left that they bought that I haven’t tried, and that is the Sour Cream & Onion. I’ll review those when I get a chance to.

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