Holy Cow!


Did you know that the current failure rate for dieting is 95%?? I didn’t! I just logged into SparkPeople, determined to give it another try (it’s free for crying out loud lol) and was reading the Fast Break section.

Now SparkPeople states they have six strategies that they will roll out to users during the Fast Break period that will help them to not become a part of that 95%. We’ll see if those strategies are of any help. What I want to know is this: how do you keep up motivation?

Some people say to obtain a piece of clothing (hopefully something that won’t go out of style quickly) that you can’t fit into and use it as your “goal.” Look at that piece of clothing every time you want to quit your weight loss journey. Somehow, I don’t see that working that well. I mean, first off, if you don’t already have that piece of clothing, you have to purchase one which means if you never manage to lose the weight to fit into it, you’ll have wasted the money you spent on the item. If you do have it, you’ve probably had more than one friend or family member try to tell you to get rid of it, or worse, mid-diet, they’ll get rid of it for you, not realizing they’ve gotten rid of your motivation!

Others say to obtain a camera and have your best friend photograph you in an outfit. Then, each week, put on the same outfit and have your friend photograph you again. Do so each week until the camera is full. Then have the pictures developed (I’m sure the guy at the local Walgreens/Walmart/Photo processing center will LOVE that one – 27 pictures of the same person in the same outfit LOL) and see how much you’ve changed during those weeks. Never mind that at one picture per week, it’ll take you six months to finish the camera! LOL

I’m not sure what my motivation will be. Probably to not have my doctor attempt to put me on one of his diets – he always wants me to do some crazy diet where half the food on earth is restricted from me. o_O


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