I Am Still Losing It


My mind that is. According to my doctor, he believes I have high blood pressure. Yeah, a headache for over a week will do that to you. But he says the headache is caused by the high blood pressure. His point? My whole family has high blood pressure. This isn’t something new, and even the thin ones have it. So whatever. So the first two things he tells me are no salt and no caffeine. I’ve had one cheat – I had a bottle of soda to get rid of, but since that I haven’t had any soda. I have had root beer that did not contain caffeine, but I haven’t had soda with caffeine in it. I have had chocolate though, so I’m going to have to wean myself off that as well as chocolate has caffeine in it. Bleh.

Oh yes, and he wants to run a scope down my throat. In fact he plans on having it done this coming Tuesday. Why? Heartburn. He’s tired of treating it. He wants me to get the scope done, then he’ll treat the heartburn. So yay. I get scoped on Tuesday. I’ll try to let you know how that turns out.


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