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I was having a snack earlier, eating one of my Yoplait Light yogurt containers when I happened to take a read through the ingredients list. Now I am not one of the people who is trying to avoid this particular ingredient, but I know there are some of you out there so here’s a newsflash […]

Hiatal Hernia


That is what was revealed when I had the scope done on June 30. Stress makes them worse. They cause acid reflux and regurgitation. Yay. Both of which I have. So yeah, it fits. It’s highly possible I was born with the hernia. Just peachy and beautiful. So I have a standing order for Nexium […]

That is the question I ask myself constantly. My doctor says I should not have soda period. Ever. In fact, he says I should only have water. That’s it. Nothing else. Just water. Obviously he hasn’t tasted the tap water here. Even after being filtered through a Brita or Pur system, it still tastes like […]

Not So Bad


So today I went in and had the EGD. The worst part of the whole thing, literally, was getting the IV put in. I’m being completely serious here. That was the worst part of the entire process. Here is a basic run down of the events of the day. 8:30am – Check in at the […]