Not So Bad


So today I went in and had the EGD. The worst part of the whole thing, literally, was getting the IV put in. I’m being completely serious here. That was the worst part of the entire process. Here is a basic run down of the events of the day.

8:30am – Check in at the admitting desk, and head up to the Endoscopy department.
8:35am – Check in at the Endoscopy desk. Talk for a few minutes with a nurse I knew from when I worked at the hospital (this is why I choose Mercy, I know people there.)
9:00am – Nurse from when I worked there inserts IV in one shot.
9:15am – 1:15pm – Watch CSI and CSI: NY on TV waiting for Dr. Hartje to arrive from St. Luke’s where he’s been held up.
1:15pm – Taken to procedure room.
1:20pm – They tried to put something in my mouth to protect my teeth and to keep me from biting the scope. I gagged, so they removed it and started the Versed.
1:45pm – I wake up in the recovery room. I get some toast and a Sierra Mist, and my IV removed. Then they have me get dressed and call my ride to come get me.

If Dr. Hartje hadn’t gotten held up at St. Luke’s, I’d probably have been out of there a lot faster, but hey. All in all, the procedure wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. If I have to do it again, at least I know what to expect and I won’t be nearly as nervous next time!


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