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That is the question I ask myself constantly. My doctor says I should not have soda period. Ever. In fact, he says I should only have water. That’s it. Nothing else. Just water. Obviously he hasn’t tasted the tap water here. Even after being filtered through a Brita or Pur system, it still tastes like […]

If you go to McDonald’s and get a large/super size Diet Coke, you’re getting FIVE calories, not zero. Awfully funny to say that Diet Coke is supposed to be calorie free when you look at the label. 😉 By the way, while I did end up drinking soda today, I did manage to get 4 […]

I’m not in a particularly good mood at the moment. I had a doctor’s appointment a few hours ago and I’m just not a happy camper. Although he didn’t say anything today about my weight, I know it will come up a month from now when he’s insisting I come in for a physical. I […]

Losing weight that is. I’ve come to see just how much people focus on food. Think about this, 99% of the candles I find, are food scented. Strawberry, vanilla, cinnamon bun, peach pie, strawberry shortcake, toasted marshmallow, banana nut bread, berry patch, cinnamon, and buttercream. Yes, those are the candles I own. I’ve also seen […]

Atkins Day #1


Ok, so I started my Atkins diet today. I had to move a couple of the days around (they’re all printed on seperate sheets of paper) to accommodate for items I haven’t yet been able to purchase. Let me say now, my avocado was nasty and I am not eating plain avocado again. If it […]

Good Grief!


All I’ve eaten today is what is listed for my diet. All I’ve had to drink today is the milk I was supposed to consume with my meals and water. I have an entire 12 can case of Diet Cola from the local grocery store, unopened, that was purchased a week ago. This is a […]

Tag! I’m It!


I got tagged by Brian, who got tagged by Lady Rose, and here’s the original Gotta Get Goals post that started this whole thing. LOL So here are my Top 10 Goals: 1. Break my addiction to soda. 2. Safely lose as much of the excess weight as I can. 3. Help others lose weight, […]