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Here we go again. Another day of food journaling and missing out on the foods that Atkins says I can have, but my doctor says I can’t. I can’t wait until he lets me have my food back. LOL Morning Atkins Advantage Morning Breakfast Bar – Cinnamon Bun Flavor Atkins Advantage Shake – Chocolate Delight […]

I Did It


I exercised again today. I actually managed to do it 2 days in a row. I did, again, the one mile walk DVD from Leslie Sansone, and this time, I added in the extra movements…the side steps, the kicks, the knee lifts, the kickbacks, and the arm reaches. I am sweaty, and thirsty, and have […]



I just finished weighing myself on the scale in the gym at work. It said 321. Now the funny thing is, a good friend of mine, who is a medical assistant, told me that we are not meant to be weighed after eating or with clothing on. When she was still working, the doctor always […]

Ok, Here We Go


As I said, I joined eDiets. I ended up on the convenience foods plan, because it was just easier for me. I’m single, so buying large quantities of food to have it spoil because I use 3 slices of bread in a week is pathetic. LOL The diet is ok. I like the majority of […]

Well, for me, 15 minutes at 3.0MPH on the treadmill equals 0.75 miles and 76 calories burned. That’s not including any calories I burned walking to the gym at the hospital, going up the stairs from 8th to 9th floor (I took the elevator to 8, I can’t go up that many stairs lol), and […]