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I’m not in a particularly good mood at the moment. I had a doctor’s appointment a few hours ago and I’m just not a happy camper. Although he didn’t say anything today about my weight, I know it will come up a month from now when he’s insisting I come in for a physical. I […]

Atkins Day #5


I cheated. I am not guilty. I deserve a treat once in a while. 🙂 My food journal looks a bit rough today. But you know what? I stepped on the scale at work and I’d lost weight. I celebrated. I’m not going to be ashamed of that. If I gain because of it, I’ll […]

Atkins Day #4


Well, here I am, day 4 of the Atkins diet. Today has been kind of rough as after my afternoon meal, I had a long-lasting bought of diarrhea. Bleh. Not my idea of fun at all. In any case, here is my food journal for today. I had nothing but water to drink today. Morning […]

Atkins Day #3


Yes, I know, I missed day 2. I didn’t feel like dealing with it yesterday. That diet the doctor put me on is going to stink royally. I haven’t started it yet because I bought my groceries for this week before going to the doctor and am not about to waste that money or that […]

Well, sort of. I’m still on Atkins, but starting next week, I have to make another change. No wheat/gluten, no dairy, no red meat, no legumes (beans), no refined sugars, even after some of those things are allowed back into my diet. I’m supposed to eat more chicken & fish and some pork. He said […]

Atkins Day #1


Ok, so I started my Atkins diet today. I had to move a couple of the days around (they’re all printed on seperate sheets of paper) to accommodate for items I haven’t yet been able to purchase. Let me say now, my avocado was nasty and I am not eating plain avocado again. If it […]

One of the nice things about eDiets is that if I feel like it, I can rearrange the seven days of the week. I print out my menu plan, so if there’s something I don’t have, I can switch it to a different day so I can have a chance to go get it. Since […]