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Hiatal Hernia


That is what was revealed when I had the scope done on June 30. Stress makes them worse. They cause acid reflux and regurgitation. Yay. Both of which I have. So yeah, it fits. It’s highly possible I was born with the hernia. Just peachy and beautiful. So I have a standing order for Nexium […]

Holy Cow!


Did you know that the current failure rate for dieting is 95%?? I didn’t! I just logged into SparkPeople, determined to give it another try (it’s free for crying out loud lol) and was reading the Fast Break section. Now SparkPeople states they have six strategies that they will roll out to users during the […]

How NOT to Eat


Ok, I’m sure you’re about to say “what the hell is she talking about?” LOL Well, I’ll tell you. The past couple of weeks, I’ve been eating in a way I shouldn’t be. I don’t eat breakfast, I wolf down a pasta salad made from a kit for lunch, and then whatever I happen to […]

Driving Me Nuts


I’m so sick of going to work and seeing everyone eating the stuff I’m not allowed to eat. It really really sucks, but I’ve been good all week. None of the stuff I’m not allowed to eat, so we’ll see what happens. Friday is my sticking point, because that’s payday and I’m not home to […]

Here we go again. Another day of food journaling and missing out on the foods that Atkins says I can have, but my doctor says I can’t. I can’t wait until he lets me have my food back. LOL Morning Atkins Advantage Morning Breakfast Bar – Cinnamon Bun Flavor Atkins Advantage Shake – Chocolate Delight […]

I Did It


I exercised again today. I actually managed to do it 2 days in a row. I did, again, the one mile walk DVD from Leslie Sansone, and this time, I added in the extra movements…the side steps, the kicks, the knee lifts, the kickbacks, and the arm reaches. I am sweaty, and thirsty, and have […]

Losing weight that is. I’ve come to see just how much people focus on food. Think about this, 99% of the candles I find, are food scented. Strawberry, vanilla, cinnamon bun, peach pie, strawberry shortcake, toasted marshmallow, banana nut bread, berry patch, cinnamon, and buttercream. Yes, those are the candles I own. I’ve also seen […]