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I was having a snack earlier, eating one of my Yoplait Light yogurt containers when I happened to take a read through the ingredients list. Now I am not one of the people who is trying to avoid this particular ingredient, but I know there are some of you out there so here’s a newsflash […]

If you go to McDonald’s and get a large/super size Diet Coke, you’re getting FIVE calories, not zero. Awfully funny to say that Diet Coke is supposed to be calorie free when you look at the label. 😉 By the way, while I did end up drinking soda today, I did manage to get 4 […]

Holy Cow!


Did you know that the current failure rate for dieting is 95%?? I didn’t! I just logged into SparkPeople, determined to give it another try (it’s free for crying out loud lol) and was reading the Fast Break section. Now SparkPeople states they have six strategies that they will roll out to users during the […]

I’m not in a particularly good mood at the moment. I had a doctor’s appointment a few hours ago and I’m just not a happy camper. Although he didn’t say anything today about my weight, I know it will come up a month from now when he’s insisting I come in for a physical. I […]

One of the things that bothers me to no end is the show The Biggest Loser. Not because I don’t support them attempting to help people get thinner and healthier. But the concept of the show appalls me. Offering a cash prize to the person who loses the most weight – that just doesn’t seem […]

Ok, so maybe this isn’t what you’d normally consider to be an exercise goal, but hey. What I’d like to be able to do is participate in a charity walk. There are several, from the various Breast Cancer walks, to Alzheimer’s walks, even to walks at NASCAR tracks before the races to benefit charities such […]

How NOT to Eat


Ok, I’m sure you’re about to say “what the hell is she talking about?” LOL Well, I’ll tell you. The past couple of weeks, I’ve been eating in a way I shouldn’t be. I don’t eat breakfast, I wolf down a pasta salad made from a kit for lunch, and then whatever I happen to […]