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Driving Me Nuts


I’m so sick of going to work and seeing everyone eating the stuff I’m not allowed to eat. It really really sucks, but I’ve been good all week. None of the stuff I’m not allowed to eat, so we’ll see what happens. Friday is my sticking point, because that’s payday and I’m not home to […]

Here we go again. Another day of food journaling and missing out on the foods that Atkins says I can have, but my doctor says I can’t. I can’t wait until he lets me have my food back. LOL Morning Atkins Advantage Morning Breakfast Bar – Cinnamon Bun Flavor Atkins Advantage Shake – Chocolate Delight […]

I Did It


I exercised again today. I actually managed to do it 2 days in a row. I did, again, the one mile walk DVD from Leslie Sansone, and this time, I added in the extra movements…the side steps, the kicks, the knee lifts, the kickbacks, and the arm reaches. I am sweaty, and thirsty, and have […]

Atkins Day #5


I cheated. I am not guilty. I deserve a treat once in a while. 🙂 My food journal looks a bit rough today. But you know what? I stepped on the scale at work and I’d lost weight. I celebrated. I’m not going to be ashamed of that. If I gain because of it, I’ll […]

Atkins Day #4


Well, here I am, day 4 of the Atkins diet. Today has been kind of rough as after my afternoon meal, I had a long-lasting bought of diarrhea. Bleh. Not my idea of fun at all. In any case, here is my food journal for today. I had nothing but water to drink today. Morning […]

Atkins Day #3


Yes, I know, I missed day 2. I didn’t feel like dealing with it yesterday. That diet the doctor put me on is going to stink royally. I haven’t started it yet because I bought my groceries for this week before going to the doctor and am not about to waste that money or that […]

Atkins Day #1


Ok, so I started my Atkins diet today. I had to move a couple of the days around (they’re all printed on seperate sheets of paper) to accommodate for items I haven’t yet been able to purchase. Let me say now, my avocado was nasty and I am not eating plain avocado again. If it […]