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Hiatal Hernia


That is what was revealed when I had the scope done on June 30. Stress makes them worse. They cause acid reflux and regurgitation. Yay. Both of which I have. So yeah, it fits. It’s highly possible I was born with the hernia. Just peachy and beautiful. So I have a standing order for Nexium […]

Not So Bad


So today I went in and had the EGD. The worst part of the whole thing, literally, was getting the IV put in. I’m being completely serious here. That was the worst part of the entire process. Here is a basic run down of the events of the day. 8:30am – Check in at the […]

My mind that is. According to my doctor, he believes I have high blood pressure. Yeah, a headache for over a week will do that to you. But he says the headache is caused by the high blood pressure. His point? My whole family has high blood pressure. This isn’t something new, and even the […]

Well, sort of. I’m still on Atkins, but starting next week, I have to make another change. No wheat/gluten, no dairy, no red meat, no legumes (beans), no refined sugars, even after some of those things are allowed back into my diet. I’m supposed to eat more chicken & fish and some pork. He said […]

Well, today I got the results of my bone scan. No stress fracture! Yay! Just something, that to me, is worse. They found signs of a degenerative form of arthritis in my left heel and the middle portion of my left foot. They believe this is due to the surgeries done on that foot. There […]