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Ok, Here We Go


As I said, I joined eDiets. I ended up on the convenience foods plan, because it was just easier for me. I’m single, so buying large quantities of food to have it spoil because I use 3 slices of bread in a week is pathetic. LOL The diet is ok. I like the majority of […]

Well, I did the pilates DVD again today. I made it through the entire “moves and techniques” section this time. Yes, I know that’s not exactly a workout, but I was actually already in pain and starting to get a headache so I stopped for a while. I’ll go back to it in a couple […]



Brian told me I might be sore for a few days, and he wasn’t kidding! Ouch, ouch, ouch! Perhaps I might mention that the areas I clean at work are Laboratory and Same Day Surgery. There are 12 trash cans in Lab alone, and there are 58 trash cans in Same Day Surgery. Plus I […]



Well, the pilates DVD showed up today. I started it, and went through a couple of moves and techniques. I’m taking it slow, since my tummy¬† muscles aren’t very strong. So far though, the moves are easier than I thought they’d be. I figured they’d be really difficult, or want me to contort myself in […]



Ok, here’s an interesting question. Now I realize I can do things like pilates at home, I can walk all over the neighborhood, but at work we have a “gym” or more appropriately termed “wellness center.” I wish to utilize this. Now according to the coordinator for the wellness center, because of my BMI and […]

If you have a dog, one of the easiest ways to get some exercise is to clip that leash to that collar and head out the door for a walk. Of course, that’s if the weather is nice. LOL I have a Shih Tzu named Panda. We went for a walk today. Not a really […]